Saturday, January 14, 2017


Hello there 😊.   Welcome to Realm Builder Productions!  I've created this blog to archive a selection of miniature/gaming related projects to begin the process of painting miniatures and creating original tabletop gaming related items(e.g. scenic resin bases, terrain, etc.). In time, many of these items will be offered up for sale on ebay or via another website.

The initial idea to start Realm Builder Productions, mainly, stems from the basic need to provide a source of supplemental income in an effort to offset the cost of health insurance - which, at the moment, is currently entering a state of limbo for myself/family.  In an attempt to mitigate the worst possible scenario for my family, I will utilize my painting and creative talents to offer up a variety of unique items to the tabletop gaming community.

Realm Builder Productions will specialize in 25/28mm scale miniatures running the gamut of genres(sci-fi, fantasy, historical); but, I may also dabble in some 15mm projects as well.  My painting style could be described as a more traditional or classical approach which still maintains hints of realism.  Here are a few examples of some figures I've painted in past few years.  Thanks for vistiting!

Blood Rage Shamans

Reaper Wizard on Life Counter

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